Eren Topçu, Istanbul-based illustrator, studied Animation in the Fine Arts Faculty at Anatolian University.

During her master's studies she worked as a teaching assistant in the same department. She’s worked as lead animator, production assistant, art director, and creative director for more than fifteen years in the production field.

Though she’s mainly worked in animation and digital advertising, she's worn additional hats as a newspaper columnist, lecturer at the university and a yoga instructor.

Switching from full-time to freelance work enabled her to produce two animated shorts, ‘’O’’ which has been selected and screened in the 10th Istanbul Biennials’ parallel event, and ‘’Today’’ for !f Istanbul in 2016.

Eren has illustrated for selected narratives of Turkish literature for Italian-Turkish e-magazine Kaleydoscope on culture and arts.  Illustrating books came later; ‘’The Remembering Olive Tree’’, a children book by İsmail Keskin, “Why Whales Cry And Otters Lie” a fable book by Chris Jones's, and “Dönüştüm”, a poem book by Yasemin Güneş Dikmen are among her collaborations.

The artist illustrates with both digital and traditional media. Her work is mostly realistic, detail oriented, yet not easily summarized by a certain style; she believes every project calls for its appropriate style and she likes to follow the inspiration that comes with the project.

In addition to her illustration and animation career, she is a member of an Istanbul-based women's art collective, and works as a freelance lecturer.

As a side note, Eren is big on everything yet to know. She likes to spend her spare time reflecting on her dreams, drinking tea while gazing at the Bosporus, or sitting with her companion, Theo the cat.