I am an Istanbul based artist with degree on fine arts in animation.

I worked employed in the production and advertisement industry more than fifteen years, latest as creative director. At last, I believed I deserve the artistic freedom to respond and serve the intrinsic inspiration too, yet be able to make a modest living, so I am freelancing.

Being a painter parent's child, earliest memories of my life are full of crafts and colours. I illustrate, animate, paint and sometimes sculpt too. Because making art is a discovery process to me, unless it's a professional project- I cannot stick with a unique style or medium for long time. I like to paint sometimes and sometimes to animate.


I love to work on mystical concepts, myths and mythological creatures, to play with esoteric symbols, or other times, paint abstractly expressive following a sense of a multilayered, even multidimensional perception. 

I work both with digital and traditional medias. I like practical materials such as gouache, ink, watercolor and soft pastels, I like to play with clay too.


I find inspiration rather in thoughts or in the nature; I see these two has all the stories to tell and show.

Since you are here, I hope you like my work and please don't hesitate to contact me for your inquiries.


Kind regards,